A Well-rounded Program for Well-rounded Results

Tier 1 AAA, is the highest level of youth hockey in the US. CPH is a highly competitive program that attracts the top players throughout the Carolinas and surrounding areas. Our teams start at the 11U level and currently go to the 14U age level. 

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Tier 2 AA, is travel based hockey in the US. Tier 2 hockey targets a diverse population of hockey athletes across multiple stages of their development. CPH offers a competitive Tier 2 program for athletes throughout the Carolinas and surrounding areas who have the desire to compete at a high level while continually advancing their skills. 

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Dedication to OUR SPORT

We are dedicated to promoting positive culture at all levels of the organization.  Our passion to learning and the development of these young adults is our mission.  Playing hockey at the highest levels attainable is our goal.

Personal GOALS

From youth level to the professional level, our goal is the same – development of people and players! 


Our athletes are active in their communities through church, school and various clubs and volunteer activities. Check back throughout the season to learn more about the impacts our athletes are making!